Frequently Asked Questions

Simply make a reservation. During the first visit, you will sign the registration form after your checkup or treatment. Health insurance companies have one condition though; to keep the time interval of 3 months since your last visit at your previous doctor’s office.
If it is your first time, please, make a reservation by phone. You will find our contact information on our website. Registered patients can also make a reservation online; please, give us your e-mail address for that purpose.
Yes, we cooperate with five major Czech health insurance companies: VZP, OZP, VoZP, ZMPV, ČPZP.
Yes, we try to provide a maximally painless care and we will be happy to give you local anesthesia during your treatment.
No, during your first checkup, we will document the current state of your teeth and set up the treatment plan according to it. In case of need, it is possible to request the card from your doctor after your first visit at our office.
Yes, we treat children of all ages.
Payment is made in cash. Upon agreement, it is also possible to pay by bank transfer.
After a basic checkup, we will set up the treatment plan and explain the possibilities, advantages and disadvantages of the individual ways of treatment. You will always be informed about the price calculation in advance; together with your dentist, you can individually choose the option that will be most suitable for you.
Sensitivity after treatment is individual and depends on the type of treatment. We will explain everything to you during your treatment. If you have any doubts, please, call us at our office.
Sensitivity after tooth extraction can last about a week until the wound heals. If you experience a sudden worsening of the symptoms, please, contact your doctor.
Požádejte o zaslání nového hesla( ZDE). Následně se přihlašte do systému s novým heslem .