Children’s Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry

Within our system of complex family care, we offer to take care of your child‘s teeth as well.

Prevention is key with children. The first visit should occur already during the first year. In this way, the child will become better accustomed to the environment of the dentist’s office and regular checkups. That enables better cooperation when there is a need to treat a tooth. Subsequent checkups occur twice a year. We observe the teething process as well as the thoroughness of oral hygiene. We teach children (and parents :-)) to clean teeth properly and perform local fluoride therapy. Even if the children are able to clean their teeth themselves, the parents should help them finish the cleaning approximately until the age of eight.

The treatment of dental caries is a necessity also with baby teeth. Just like in case of adults, a decayed untreated tooth can cause pain, later an unpleasant inflammation, with a risk of affecting a yet uncut permanent tooth. Children will stand the treatment well thanks to our kind and friendly approach.

In case of very anxious children, we offer the possibility of treatment in analgosedation.

Information about the suitability of this type of treatment and additional information is provided by the attending physician before the planned intervention.

In case the child needs an orthodontic consultation or treatment, we collaborate with several excellent orthodontists.

What happens during the first visit?

The first visit is about getting acquainted with the dentist and the dentist’s office. It is good to tell your child that he or she will go to the dentist to have his or her teeth checked. Please, do not scare your child, not even for fun. Children can also tell if their parents are unusually nervous before seeing the dentist themselves. Good communication is key; there is nothing to be afraid of.

What if the child does not cooperate?

It may take some time, however, cooperation usually improves after a few visits. If the child still does not cooperate and it is necessary to treat tooth decay or pull out a tooth, we offer treatment in analgosedation. After that, the child is sleepy, has slower reactions and does not remember the intervention. It is necessary to cooperate with the parent during the intervention. After treatment, it is necessary to secure a ride home, the child must be under permanent care of one person. The parent must attend to the child fully until it wakes up.

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