We cooperate with the following health insurance companies:

  • všeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna (111)
  • oborová zdravotní pojišťovna ( 207)
  • zdravotni pojišťovna ministerstva vnitra (211)
  • vojenská zdravotní pojišťovna (201)
  • česká průmyslová zdravotní pojišťovna (205)
What is covered by your health insurance company?


Kompozitní výplň (bílá) od 900,-Kč do 2000,- Kč *
Amalgámová výplň od 560,-Kč do 1300,- Kč *
Plnění kořenového kanálku 1 kanálek 1100,- Kč
2 kanálky 1600,-Kč
3 kanálky 2100,-Kč
Provizorní korunka 600,-Kč
Skloionomerní výplň od 560,-Kč do 1000,-Kč *
Korunka metalokeramická 3900,-Kč
Korunka celokeramická 6000,-Kč
Částečná snímací náhrada hybridní (bez drátků) od 6100,-Kč
Ošetření nespolupracujícího dítěte v analgosedaci 1500,-Kč
Dentální hygiena (60 minut) 1000,-Kč
Air-flow ošetření 1200,-Kč
Dentální hygiena opakovaná / recall/ 30 minut 700,- Kč
* The price depends on the size of the filling and the difficulty of its making

What is covered by your health insurance company

  • 2 routine checkups a year (a second checkup within the same year can be performed at a minimum interval of 3 months after the first one. Health insurance companies reimburse the checkup to one doctor only; i.e. if you come to us for the first time and your previous doctor has already billed the insurance company for the checkup in the same year, you must pay for the initial checkup according to a valid price list).
  • x-ray examination (small pictures without limitation and a panoramic picture 1x in 2 years)
  • local anaesthesia (injection)
  • fillings of deciduous teeth in children
  • extraction of deciduous and permanent teeth including surgical extractions
  • small surgical interventions on soft and hard tissues and first aid in dental injuries
  • complete dentures with resin teeth and a non-transparent palate (fully covered 1x in 3 years)
  • partial coverage of crowns, fixed bridges (1x in 5 years) and removable partial dentures (1x in 3 years)

Certain conditions must be met for an insurance company to reimburse the performance to the health facility. These include a certain frequency of the performance or product (for instance 1 removable denture in 3 years etc.) regardless of the dentist’s office you have been to. For instance, if you had a checkup at Dr. X’s office in February and he has billed it to your health insurance company, which has reimbursed it, you can no longer expect your insurance company to reimburse your checkup at our office in March. Your health insurance company will not reimburse this checkup again so you either have to pay for it yourself or make an appointment for a time when at least 3 months have passed since your previous checkup.

Below you will find a list of the most common interventions performed at the dentist’s office. The complete price list is available at the office. You will learn more about the complete price plan and the most suitable treatment for you individually from your dentist at the office before the treatment.