Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry focuses on treating and healing dental caries. Dental caries is an infectious disease affecting hard dental tissues. If the tooth is not treated in time, the dental nerve can be affected as well, which is connected with states of great pain and complicated and thus more expensive treatment.

It is therefore important to go to routine checkups and discover dental caries at an early stage. Dental caries is treated by various kinds of fillings for a maximum preservation of dental tissues and with respect to the aesthetic aspect.

After treating the caries, unless the dental pulp is affected, we agree with the patient to use one of the following fillings:

  • Photo composite filling (white) – it is highly aesthetic and constant, specific conditions – indications must be met
  • Glass ionomer filling (white) – the filling is used mainly as a long-term provisional aesthetic solution with high fluoride content, as it is more brittle and less abrasion resistant. It is suitable for defects close to the dental pulp.
  • Amalgam filling (dark) – we use pre-dosed amalgam capsules with maximally reduced mercury content. It is only suitable for a limited indication range. Its use is on the decline also due to its unaesthetic appearance.

Cosmetic dentistry focuses primarily on the visible part of teeth. These can be treated by photo composite (white) fillings and their suitable layering to achieve a maximum natural effect. In case of insufficient filling therapy or defective tooth position, we offer an aesthetic prosthetic solution, including facets, metal ceramic and all-ceramic crowns. We naturally also offer a possibility of whitening both living and devitalized (dead) teeth. The whitening procedure can be performed at our office or at home by means of lab-produced trays.

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